Tantric statue, detail: Namaste, I Honour the Divine in You - Thank You!Here you can see some testimonials – what clients have said about my sessions.


“This is like heaven. I never imagined I could feel this good. I feel like I’m in love. It is spiritual, sexual and loving all at once. Wonderful experience. You’ll definitely see me again!”
P 50+

“Wonderful intense feelings – like nothing I’ve experienced before!”
S 30+

“I want to say thank you again for yesterday’s tantric massage. It was truly a beautiful and spiritual experience and a total pleasure! The massage gave me feelings of loveliness that I have never experienced before, with waves of love flowing through my body. And now I feel so alive, energised, relaxed and happy. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and certainly the best ever sexual experience. “
M 50+

“It was profound! And the intense connection between us set me on fire! It felt like a complete release from inhibition and allowed my whole being to swim in beautiful white light.”
S 40+

“Thank you very much. It was really powerful. Now I feel like walking on air. I felt really relaxed, really loved, really connected. Thanks again and hope to see you as soon as you come back.”
F 40+

My session with Sartoo was all and more than expected. Starting with the all important breathing techniques and their effects. Making a connection with the body’s energy sources. The power of Sartoo’s touch and tantric knowledge gave a feeling of relaxed flow of energy and sensual connection. Awareness and pleasure energy increased through the session and a sense of fulfilment was beginning to form.
“A martial arts instructor under weather”, 50+

“This was my first experience of tantric massage and I was a little nervous and apprehensive. However Sartoo soon dispersed my fears. The breathing exercises were wonderful. The massage was wonderful. Sartoo has really magic hands – I experienced incredible sensations all over my body. I thoroughly recommend the experience with her.”
I 60+

“The best three hours of my life!”
D 60+

“Sartoo is a very calm, warm and loving person. I felt so nurtured and loved in her presence and through her skilful touches. I’ve learned a lot about energy and tantra from her. Can’t wait to make another appointment with her!”
J 60+