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Contact & Opening Hours

If you feel you might like to have sessions with me, I suggest you start with familiarising yourself with this website. I recommend you to start with the Home page, then proceed to the page on Tantric massage. Please read also the page on What Happens in a Tantric Massage Session.

After reading, the next step is to give me a call. I offer an up to 20 minutes free consultation, so that we have an opportunity to talk about my work, what to expect, what you are looking for and any questions you may have. This is a good way to make a connection and to find out if we are a good match for this work. We can then also make an appointment, if you feel ready to.

I  take calls Mon – Fri from 12 noon to 8pm when not with a client, usually also on Saturday afternoons. My number is 078 8386 4320. You can also contact me initially through the form at the bottom of this page, or by emailing

I receive clients 1pm – 8pm Mon – Fri and am also available most Saturday afternoons. For making an appointment you will need to contact me in advance. Often one or two day’s notice is sufficient, but you are welcome to book up to a month in advance. Depending on my situation I may also be able to accommodate you on the same day, with just a few hours’ notice.


I offer mainly packages of treatments so as to facilitate a journey of transformation. For each full Tantric massage session two hours is the minimum duration.

In my work the focus is on the depth of the experience and on  inner discovery and transformation. For getting into this kind of depth, a reasonable amount of time is needed. Two hours per session is the minimum duration to allow sufficient time to connect and for you to relax fully into the experience. Having more than two hours can make a big difference in terms of both the depth of the experience and the influence or effectiveness of the session. I’m very happy to offer longer sessions, for example 2,5 or 3 hours. It is often also possible to agree during the session to extend it.

The packages are as follows:

5 x 2h sessions – £900

5 x 3h sessions – £1350

3 x 2h sessions – £570

3 x 3h sessions – £840

I do also offer single sessions. The prices for these are as follows:

a single 2h session is £230,

a single 2,5h session £270

and 3h session £320.

Sessions on Saturdays and public holidays carry an extra fee, when available. There is also a booking fee to secure an appointment.

If you choose to have a single session and then decide to continue with a package of treatments, you are welcome to count the first session as part of the package. Details to be agreed at the time.

If you wish to have a sense of my work before committing to a package, you might like to start with an introductory tantric session. These are less intimate than the full Tantric session and don’t include any intimate touch, so no lingam or yoni massage and no anal massage is included. These sessions can include talking, guidance and different Tantric practices/meditations. Also sensual Tantric massage without genital or prostate massage can be included. The prices for these are: £80 for 1 hour, £110 for 1,5 hours and £140 for 2 hours.

Another easy option for having a taste of my work is an introductory/guidance session over Skype. This gives us an opportunity to talk in more depth than in the initial free consultation. Skype sessions can cover advice and guidance, including for self practice, and work with breath, movement and sound where this is helpful. They can also be a way to receive ongoing support and guidance, either to complement in person sessions or also on their own. The prices for Skype sessions are £40 for half hour and £60 for an hour.

If you have had sessions with me before, I may be able to offer you a single session on similar terms as before. Please get in touch regarding this.


Locations, Getting There, Parking

I offer sessions in Queensbury in North West London and in Hoxton, East London. An outcall – me visiting you –  may also be possible by agreement and on my discretion.

My venue in Queensbury is 4 minutes walk from Queensbury tube station on the Jubilee line. There is free street parking available. My Hoxton venue is 6 minutes walk from Hoxton Overground station.

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