Tantric statue, detail: Namaste, I Honour the Divine in You - Thank You!Here you can see some testimonials – clients’ words about my sessions.

“This is like heaven. I never imagined I could feel this good. I feel like I’m in love. It is spiritual, sexual and loving all at once. Wonderful experience. You’ll definitely see me again!”
P 50+

“As someone who has benefited from Sartoo’s support, I strongly recommend her.

I am 70 and erectile dysfunction became an issue, this inevitably led to loss of libido. I tried the NHS for help but that led nowhere so almost in desperation I decided to try the tantric approach. I chose Sartoo as a practitioner as she seemed both sensible and experienced.

I was right, she was remarkable. With a combination of sound advice and the teaching of relaxation techniques I recovered my lost libido. And I am now challenging erectile dysfunction.

Sartoo is a kind, experienced and thoughtful teacher. She listens well and offers very practical advice. After just 4 sessions I have made a significant improvement and I will certainly continue the tantric journey with her.

Obviously, I recommend her.”

J 70

“Thank you very much. It was really powerful. Now I feel like walking on air. I felt really relaxed, really loved, really connected. Thanks again and hope to see you as soon as you come back.”
F 40+

“Yesterdays massage was an absolute revelation. I did not think it was possible to reach such a state of euphoria without ejaculation. I very much hope to see you again to continue the journey.
With great respect.”
“P, a young man of 62”

Thank you … My time with you was lovely, so relaxing and just what I needed. … I hope to be back…”
S 50+ (female)

My session with Sartoo was all and more than expected. Starting with the all important breathing techniques and their effects. Making a connection with the body’s energy sources. The power of Sartoo’s touch and tantric knowledge gave a feeling of relaxed flow of energy and sensual connection. Awareness and pleasure energy increased through the session and a sense of fulfillment was beginning to form.
“A martial arts instructor under weather”, 50+

Hi Sartoo, I came to you for a massage a couple of months ago. It was very inspiring and I’ve signed up to *an introductory tantric course*!

Just wanted to let you know 🙂


S 30+

I want to say thank you again for yesterday’s tantric massage. It was truly a beautiful and spiritual experience and a total pleasure! The massage gave me feelings of loveliness that I have never experienced before, with waves of love flowing through my body. And now I feel so alive, energised, relaxed and happy. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and certainly the best ever sexual experience.

I am so glad you convinced me to come to see you … You are a very special and lovely woman – I am so happy about my choice and I look forward to seeing you again next week. I think I would also like to learn about Tantra in general – if it can bring forth such feelings of happiness and love, then it must be something good and positive.“
M 50+

“For me tantra is the art of creating happy coincidences, and Sartoo is like a fairy who knows this art very well. I came to her 5 years ago, and it totally transformed my life. I found happiness within myself, and it is the most amazing gift any person can have. Thank you Sartoo.”
N 40+ (female)

Reply from Sartoo: Dear N, thank you so much for sharing this. It is wonderful to hear that our work made possible such a big change and discovery for you. You clearly came to see me at a time when you were open to a big shift. I feel very honoured to have been able to help that shift come about!

“It was profound! And the intense connection between us set me on fire! It felt like a complete release from inhibition and allowed my whole being to swim in beautiful white light.”
S 40+

“Sartoo is a very calm, warm and loving person. I felt so nurtured and loved in her presence and through her skillful touches. I’ve learned a lot about energy and tantra from her. Can’t wait to make another appointment with her!”
J 60+

“Let me begin by saying that Sartoo is the real deal; she lives her spirituality and she both knows what she is talking about, and what she is doing. My massage with Sartoo was the first time I’ve ever had a tantric massage and I did not really know what to expect. I arrived and we spoke for a while about her background in spirituality and my own, amongst other things. I must say it is a true pleasure to come across a genuine and serious seeker of spiritual truths and realities. As far as I understood she is dedicated to the path of Advaita and had just returned from a retreat with the guru Mooji the day before our session. Though I am myself immersed in a slightly different tradition, we both recognised the unity of all spiritual paths as they approach the summit of realisation.

We then did some pranayama breathing exercises to prepare for the massage. These exercises and brief meditation were really relaxing and set the scene for the sensual massage. Sartoo then did a welcoming ritual which was very important in establishing a connection between us and also quite intimate. Then the massage began.

Wow wow wow is my summary. She started by rubbing me with feathers which felt so good and then oiled me up and massaged all of my body as a I lay on my front. Her touch is so delicate, so deliberate and wonderfully sensual. Truly words cannot do the massage justice but I felt ecstatic and blissful. I could feel my chakras resonating to a beautiful energy. I already felt like I was in heaven before the most intimate and sensual aspect of the massage had started!

In time I turned around and again Sartoo massaged me all over, and after a while she focused on the lingam massage but did not neglect the rest of my body. This was the aspect of the massage I was most unsure about but Sartoo genuinely made it sublime. The ultimate aim is not orgasm. Through the lingam massage she arouses the sexual energy which she then uses to a spiritual end. It was not long before my body began to involuntarily shake and convulse in ineffable pleasure, and along with this came an expanded state of consciousness. It came and went in waves. I cannot stress how profound this was, and I am not exaggerating when I say that it is an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. At one of the peaks of the multiple waves I nearly cried. In time Sartoo brought the massage to a natural end and let me lie there and just soak up the experience before I had a shower.

The thing that made this massage truly great, apart from the obvious, is Sartoo herself. Her compassion for you is real and she truly gets involved in the experience. Indeed, I don’t think it would work if she didn’t. Although afterwards Sartoo did say that my experience in the session is not common, I have no doubt that regardless of what level of spiritual development you are on, you can take something beautiful away from what Sartoo has to offer. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who is interested.

Sartoo is genuine, humble, kind, and compassionate. The service she offers is sublime and has the power to transform you if you are receptive to it.”

A 30+

“This was my first experience of tantric massage and I was a little nervous and apprehensive. However Sartoo soon dispersed my fears. The breathing exercises were wonderful. The massage was wonderful. Sartoo has really magic hands – I experienced incredible sensations all over my body. I thoroughly recommend the experience with her.”
I 60+

“The best three hours of my life!”
D 60+

If you have had a session or sessions with me, I  love to hear your feedback and what stayed with you from them. And I much appreciate testimonials, for sharing with others here.