What Happens in a Tantric Massage Session

Dancer with Lotus - Welcome to Tantric Massage!A Tantric Massage Session

What Happens in a Tantric Massage Session? Each tantric massage practitioner has their own particular style and approach to tantric massage. This will show in the overall structure of the sessions, as well as in many details. My sessions can be tailored depending on client’s needs and preferences. Yet I also have a typical sequence that I follow in most sessions. Below you find a description of what happens in a typical tantric massage session with me.

We will start by a little chat. You have an opportunity to ask anything you like to know about tantra, what to expect etc. I like to have a general understanding of your situation and what could be helpful for you in terms on our work together. We will get to know each other a little. We will also talk about any specific wishes, needs or concerns that you might have. I like to also give advice on how you could use elements of the session in your life, if you are interested in this.

Then we may work with tantric breathing techniques for a a while. We use breathing to relax and to bring more energy to the body. Breathing deeply and feeling the breath in your body helps you to connect with your body more, to feel more of how your body is feeling at that moment. You learn about how to use breathing to enhance your experience during the massage.

The next step might be a  little welcoming ritual. In this I will honour and welcome you to the massage session. This ritual is done standing. Much of the ritual consists of me stroking lightly your whole body. This is also creating the first physical connection between us.

If you are already familiar with tantric breathing techniques and/or it seems otherwise like the best option, we might agree to do a ritual for awakening the senses instead of the tantric breathing and welcome ritual. This will need to be agreed when booking the session though. During the ritual you will be blindfolded. Closing out the sight – which is usually very dominant compared to our other senses – gives all the other senses a possibility to come more alive. You can go much deeper into delicious scents, touch and taste. This also brings you to an experience of being in the moment and to a more inward experience of being in your body.

Then I will invite you to lie down on the massage table, face down. The massage is a combination of gentle relaxing and sensual massage. Through relaxation you can open to a deeper experience of pleasure and sexual energy throughout your body as well as natural healing. See also Tantric massage.

Lingam Massage or Yoni Massage

Usually the most pleasurable part of the massage is the lingam/yoni massage, genital massage. By this time you will probably already feel quite relaxed, yet alive and alert. This allows the pleasure of genital touch to spread through your whole body. I spend some time massaging the whole intimate area. A variety of different strokes, both gentle and deeper ones, give new experiences of pleasure. Using breath can bring intensity and help the pleasurable and energising sensations to spread throughout your body. It is likely that you will leave feeling pleasured out, light and good for days to come.

Please note: There is No Ejaculation in the Session

For men it is good to be aware that ejaculation is not part of my tantric sessions. The focus of the session is in deepening your inner experience of sexuality and how it connects with your whole being, body and mind. The sexual energy is guided actively upwards in the body. This way of guiding sexual energy is new to most of my clients and often a both delightful and very valuable discovery. The energy that habitually creates an orgasm in conjunction with ejaculation is used in a different way. When the orgasmic energy is guided into the body without ejaculation, the experience becomes deeper, often gentle but profound. It can be a way to connect with the depth of oneself, even come home to oneself. The whole journey also brings a naturally harmonising and healing influence, which can be deepened by including specific healing elements in the massage, when this is called for.

Often this is also a journey of learning more about controlling ejaculation, including techniques that you can take into your life, even practice if you wish to. Communication is central during the intimate massage, so we can get it to work the right way.

The focus of the session is not in a sexual connection between me and the client. Rather it is a journey of exploring your body and experience, which I invite and guide you on.

Prostate Massage

You might also be interested to try prostate massage/anal massage. Especially for men this is a way to experience a more receptive side of yourself and your sexuality. You may find prostate massage extremely pleasurable, discovering a new dimension of erotic pleasure. It’s therapeutic benefits include creating more connection between sexuality and the heart and benefits to prostate health. It can also clear away feelings of dirtiness, guilt and shame around sexuality and generally.

With this massage I’m especially gentle and sensitive to your feedback. I believe it is important to listen to and respect how your body is feeling. I will listen to you and follow the reactions of your body and how you feel about how and how far to proceed. Sometimes what to our mind looks like very little is happening can still have a profound effect on us.

A prostate massage session starts similarly to other tantric massage sessions, with a chat, a breathing session and a welcoming ritual. I will then ask you to lie on your front on the massage table. I start with a gentle overall massage, then concentrate more on your back and buttocks. I proceed to focus on the pelvic area, the perineum and around the anus, checking how you feel and following your feedback. If you are comfortable with it, I will gently insert my finger in your anus. I will first massage the sphincter muscles at the entry to anus, then slowly and gently proceed deeper in. If you feel comfortable with it, I will massage the prostate gland from inside the anus.

Once you are familiar both with prostate massage and lingam massage, these can also be combined within one session. This kind of session can bring about deep states where you experience coming home to yourself in a profound way, feeling more of your spirit and essence. For a woman the equivalent of this combined stimulation is combining clitoral stimulation and G – spot stimulation.

Introduction to Tantra/Taster/Guidance Session

Here the format is free and tailored to your concerns and wishes. We might talk about tantric approach and practices, might they suit you and what you can expect from it. We can talk about your specific issues and concerns and what tantra can offer you, including useful practices. And if you haven’t tried tantra before, you may prefer this kind of session to get a taste by experiencing some of it by yourself. Taster can include sensual tantric massage, tantric breathing, movement, sound, touch and more. The taster session is not very intimate in nature and will not include genital touch or massage.


Also other tantric meditations can be incorporated in a session. We can discuss specific issues including how you could bring some elements from our work into your life. I’m happy to talk about and give guidance in tantric practices and on issues that might concern you. Please feel free to ask!

If you have a series of sessions with me, the journey is likely to prove life transforming. The deeper benefits to your well being and life will show within a short period of time.

What Happens in a Tantric Massage Session

What Happens in a Tantric Massage Ses