Men and Women

spring concept. indian girl looking at a flower against white background.Tantra has a deep appreciation for the differences between men and women, between male and female body and way of experiencing. This is reflected within tantric sessions, including tantric massage sessions.

For men, sexual energy is usually readily available. Often the connection between sexual energy and the rest of the body and personality is not very strong. Connecting sexuality more fully with the whole body and being can be a revelation in itself. It can bring empowerment to the whole person, as well as an often radical deepening of sexual experience and pleasure. It also holds potential for a deep personal transformation.

For women, sexuality tends to be much more connected with and part of their overall emotional being. It often expresses their soul being in a most intimate way.

It is thought in tantra that where for a man sexuality is a major pole of energy and power, for a woman her heart, her emotional being is her most important centre. Often sexuality becomes available for contact only after she has been met and honoured in her heart and soul. She should never be pressured into more sexual contact than she feels good about. Within tantra and tantric sessions it is fundamentally important to respect the woman’s boundaries and feeling about what is good and desirable for her. While these relative differences between sexes can be recognised, there are also great differences between individuals.

Within a tantric massage sessions for a woman, the focus can be on building and expanding pleasure within the body. Tantric massage can also be beneficial for overcoming barriers to enjoying one’s sexuality fully. These may include imprints of past traumatic experiences anywhere in the mind and body, including intimate areas.