There is a great wealth of resources on tantra in the internet. One good place to start in the net is here. The website includes links to some academic reading as well as in depth internet resources and books on various approaches within tantra. Below I also give some suggestions for tantra workshops and teachers, as well as books.

On Prostate Health

This website gives very practical and hands on guidance on how to heal various prostate problems oneself. The main method is massaging prostate and adjacent areas. The author has a wealth of practical experience, including healing himself of prostatitis.

Doctor Mercola has interesting and in depth information about many health issues. This includes material on prostate health. For example Peter Starr did good research and survived prostate cancer with complementary means only. He studied the field with top specialists and made a documentary of what he found.

Tantra Workshops and Teachers

Tantra workshops are a gentle yet powerful way to experience tantra in a group setting. In workshops you will share exercises with different partners, usually of the opposite sex. You can also participate with your partner and work mainly with each other.  Workshops contain elements like dance and movement, breath, meditation, touch and ritual. You can start with an evening talk or a one day workshop for a taste.

For an excellent London based tantra school, check out Diamond Light Tantra. Leora Lightwoman  has a long experience and great skill in facilitating tantra courses. I especially recommend  her one day taster of tantra, Tantric Gateway Day as a very good and great value way of trying out/getting a taste of tantra. If you like to see her talking you can also check her YouTube channel Diamond Light Tantra Courses.

Another tantra teacher that I especially recommend is Ma Ananda Sarita. She was one of the first tantra teachers in the UK and is a deeply skilled and inspiring workshop facilitator. At present she teaches mainly in various countries in Europe. Her website is Tantra Essence. Sarita also has a good online tantra course. Her introductory talk for that – here – is also a nice introduction to a wider approach to tantra, as well as a glimpse of her personality.

Tantric and Related Reading

Below are some books I have read and can fully recommend to get you started on tantric reading. These can all be bought at Amazon.

Daniel Odier: Tantric Quest, an encounter with absolute love

This is a deep and exquisitely beautiful account of the author’s tantric journey, mainly about the time he spent with his teacher, a tantric yogini on the Himalayas. Something far beyond the mundane speaks through the text.

Valerie Brooks: Tantric Awakening, a woman’s initiation into the path of ecstasy

Interesting autobiographic account of experiences on the tantric path. The practice that she engaged in was based on expanding pleasure with a partner. A real life account about the practice, her journey of opening and personal transformation, including kundalini awakening.

Ma Ananda Sarita & Swami Anand Geho: Tantric Love, journey into sexual and spiritual ecstasy.

Beautiful introduction to tantra from one of the main tantra teachers in the UK and her partner at the time. Spiritual, deep and practical. Detailed instructions for a wealth of tantric meditations, mostly to be done with a partner.

Barbara Carrellas: Urban Tantra, sacred sex for the twenty-first century

Not so spiritual but quite spirited introduction to what it’s all about. Inspiring how to do book on tantric and related practices. For solo practice, paired practice and “tantric BDSM”. If someone can get you to try something from a book, then she probably can!

Jalaja Bonheim: Aphrodite’s Daughters, women’s sexual stories and the journey of the soul

Nourishing and deep sharing, telling the stories of extraordinary and beautiful women, their journeys of growth, joys and sorrows, and philosophical reflection on these.

Barbara Keesling: Sexual Healing

Encouraging and very practical book on how to heal a wealth of sexual difficulties from a long term practitioner in the field. It is a comprehensive approach to problems from premature ejaculation, erection difficulties to lack of arousal, pleasure or orgasm. Lots of exercises, to be done with a partner or solo.